Widgetifying the web; one widget at a time.

We turn PHP code into WordPress widgets.

Go ahead and get started!


OpenYes We're Open.

Our service is now open. Please give it a try and tell us what you think. Since you are probably the only one using this site I can probably make it do just what you'd like.

Widgetifyr.com is a widget helper.

Our site provides an easy way for you to turn your code into a widget.

Currently we offer a tool to help you turn your PHP code into a WordPress plugin.

If you've ever tried to turn your code into a wordpress plugin (which is how Wordpress widgets get installed) you know it can get a bit tedious. Our service lets you just paste your code into a form along with some addition information and we "magically" turn it into a Wordpress Plugin that allows your widget to be used in Wordpress.

How does it work?

Say you have a bit of useful PHP code that you'd like to turn into a WordPress Widget (Widgetify'd). Well, we can quickly turn that PHP code into a WordPress Widget quickly and easily. Then you simply put the resulting widget into the plugin directory on your WordPress site and you're ready to go.

giftFuture Plans

We intend to make some of the widgets public so you'll be able to share your widgets with others. Are there any other features you'd like me to add? Please contact me if you have ideas.